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Meetings Mean Business Canada leads by example

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Meetings Mean Business Canada leads by example

The Meetings Mean Business (MMB) Canada 2018 Chair, Heidi Welker, has offered delegates at the 57th ICCA Congress in Dubai insights into the MMB industry lobby group’s founding in the US.

It also discussed the licensing benefits the Canadian business events industry realised in its efforts to be recognised as an important contributor to the economy.

Presenting at the ICCA Congress session, 12 November, were Grant Snider, Past Chair MMBC & President & CEO, Meeting Escrow Inc. and Chantal Sturk-Nadeau – Executive Director, Business Events Canada.

Those present left with a clear understanding of Meetings Mean Business and its holistic global potential and also heard a case study by MMB Canada on how they had customised MMB to align with Canadian values and business practices.

Advocacy, data, funding and education efforts within the MMB structure were also explored.

Welker said: “I think success for business events is the same regardless of the country you live in. By example, for us in Canada success means we have the resources and assets in place to effectively inform public policy and mobilise Business Events industry participants.

“Success means that certain policy decisions never get made because they would be harmful to our industry.

“Success means that when an economic crisis or some other unforeseen incident occurs, everyone is able to respond with a unified, consistent message.

“Success means we become the go-to resource for educational institutions training future leaders, for policymakers looking to knowledgeably talk about our industry, for elected officials to better understand the importance of the Business Events industry to Canada. “Success means that we become a unified source of curated data regarding the Business Events industry in Canada.
“And, finally, success means that we remain laser-focused on the importance of Business Events, face-to-face meetings that have tremendous economic, social and community-building benefits for Canada.”
The Canadian Business Events industry contributes over CAD$27bn CAD in GDP annually and sustains over 341,000 full-time jobs.

To learn more about MMB Canada, visit: https://www.meetingsmeanbusiness.ca/supporters

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