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Pathable on Apple’s App Store issues

Jordan Schwartz, CEO, Pathable on Apple’s App Store issues involving event apps

Earlier this year, Pathable had a brief scare when a number of our apps were rejected by Apple because they alleged (incorrectly) that they were built in a way that allowed us to replace functionality after the app was approved.

It took about two weeks, but in the end, Apple corrected their error and all our previously rejected apps were accepted.But this episode should be re-assuring: ultimately Apple does what’s in the best interest of its users.

Apple has been fighting this battle for a long time, banning copycat apps since at least 2009.

This is just the latest salvo in that battle. Rule 4.2.6 was introduced on 6 June this year, since which time Apple has accepted dozens of Pathable’s white label event apps. We do not expect this to change.

Apple has achieved its success through single-minded devotion to creating superb user experiences. But eliminating the white label event app would be just the opposite.

Apple, it has become clear, wants people to quickly and easily find and install the apps that meet their needs.


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