Scale up, not back: rethinking event technology in the Covid age

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Scale up, not back: rethinking event technology in the Covid age

Eric Holmen, chief revenue officer at Splash, on how event technology can enhance online events.

In a year when everything about how we connect with people has changed, conference organisers and marketers are being forced to rethink their approach to events.

No, this isn’t one of those ‘events are dead’ or ‘Covid killed the conference’ articles. Events are too central to most marketing and business strategies for that. They connect organisations with future and existing customers and create memorable, engaging brand experiences.

It’s the technology used to enable those experiences that deserves a critical look.

Event marketing technology is often disconnected from core business systems, redundant, or just plain old. It’s rarely adaptable or scalable enough to meet the design and data needs of event and conference teams, especially now.

As so many events have transitioned online, you would think it’s become easier for event marketers to deliver a consistent brand experience, track interactions with online attendees, and collect relevant data. But with outdated technology, all those pre-pandemic problems persist.

Event marketers still have to use multiple programs and manual processes to manage their events. Well-meaning sales teams still sometimes go rogue with their own take on pre-approved brand assets, and manually updating and uploading attendee data into CRM systems is still highly inefficient and time-consuming, whether events are in-person or online.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

All of these issues can be solved by having a centralised platform that empowers employees to create and market a branded event. This gives teams the flexibility to host the kinds of events that work best for them, while staying in alignment with their brand and organisational goals. An events platform that also connects automatically to popular CRM and marketing automation programs ensures that vital data about attendees (that is, future customers) can be easily captured.

With the ability to collect data from every event and maintain branding and design consistency, event marketers can truly scale up their operations. This is what Splash helps companies do every day.

The secret to scaling events is bringing together all your event data into one place, instead of scrambling to find meaningful information in dozens of places. You can track what’s important to your company and attendees, and identify which events are making the biggest impact – or not – on your customers.

Technology that makes designing events and connecting all the data they generate easier and scalable can help event marketers do a lot more with less. Right now, that’s a huge win.

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