Seoul invites world on virtual tour

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Seoul invites world on virtual tour

2021 Virtual MICE Show: SEOUL LIVE ON, an event hosted by the Seoul Tourism Organisation on 21-22 July, saw international and domestic MICE industry buyers and sellers come together on the Seoul Virtual Platform.

Entering the event, e-visitors were greeted by a Seoul-style virtual island. Within this island were buildings modelled on significant Seoul landmarks, which directed attendees towards different aspects of the event itself.

Seoul MICE reserved a virtual networking space by way of its Seoul Lounge feature. This involved a 1:1 networking forum for sellers and buyers to use, as well as offering a list of buyers and sellers and promotional e-brochures.

Seoul Discovery offered over 35 interactive options to engage with the South Korean capital, its tourist attractions, culture, and its neighbouring cities. These interactive activities included virtual teambuilding exercises such as a K-POP dance, as well as breaking down 19 separate hotel venues through a unique video associated with each.

The event also offered an opportunity to learn more about the 2021 Plus Seoul MICE Support Program, which offers fiscal and technical support for event organisers and attendees coming to Seoul.

With regards further interactive content, the event platform offered multiple workshops, lounges and a Conference Hall for attendees to communicate through. Each workshop offered a different question for attendees to consider and discuss with other members of the industry.

Finally, the event broadcast its opening ceremony and commerce sessions through the Seoul Live Stage. This area also acted as a forum for all the live videos produced throughout the event, allowing individuals from different time zones to access the same content at a time that was suitable for them. 

Don Byun, executive director of the Seoul Tourism Organisation, concluded: “Hopefully, all of the 2021 Virtual MICE Show participants will have a new sense of insight for the upcoming next normal era.”

For more information on the event, visit here.

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