Socio launches streaming solution for online and hybrid

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Socio launches streaming solution for online and hybrid

Socio has announced the launch of Socio Streaming, a fully integrated solution with StreamYard that aims to give event organisers “the tools to level up online and hybrid event production”.

Socio Streaming was designed following the pivot to online and hybrid events as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Yarkin Sakucoglu, Socio CEO and co-founder, said: “Socio is the first-ever platform to offer a native, end-to-end integration with StreamYard. With Socio Streaming, you no longer need to be a tech genius to put on a high-production value event.”

Users can access Socio Streaming via the Socio Platform. As StreamYard is fully integrated within the Socio Platform, the user doesn’t have to log in or set up a StreamYard account to be able to use its features.

Sakucoglu continued: “The ultimate goal of Socio Streaming is to help event organisers who may not have the budget for a full-service AV company achieve high-quality production results with a self-serve option. We extensively tested streaming solutions and nothing compares to what StreamYard brings to the table, both from a user-experience perspective and the quality of the stream.”

Once in the broadcast studio, the admin can add branding to the live stream in addition to colours, logos, lower-thirds, GIFs, sponsored commercials, and pre-recorded video.

Admins can allow up to 10 people into the broadcast simultaneously, and choose from multiple templated views to change the orientation of the speakers and moderators.

Socio’s native chat feature is visible in the studio and green room, so speakers can follow along even when not in the live broadcast. For real-time audience engagement, admins can highlight a question or comment from the chat during the live broadcast, or type out a call to action and add it to the live stream.

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