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From the snowy mountain ranges of the Alps to the sun-soaked lakes of the Swiss Plateau, Switzerland is a country that is renowned for its abundant beautiful landscapes and diverse climates. In combination with world class facilities, Switzerland has leveraged its natural beauty to create a unique MICE appeal for international event organisers throughout Europe and beyond.

Located in central Europe, Switzerland borders Italy, France, Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany, perfectly placed to welcome international MICE visitors from across the continent. Zurich and Geneva airports both connect to over 100 destinations respectively, supporting global access to Switzerland beyond Europe. In 2021, Zurich’s airport was named the second-best airport in Europe by the World Airport Awards, showcasing the country’s truly global accessibility. 

Switzerland’s accessibility is matched by state-of-the-art venues, that are seamlessly integrated into the country’s natural beauty. Below is a selection of some of Switzerland’s many venues that offer organisers unique opportunities to host memorable events.


InnoTren is an authentic meetings space that runs on the Rhatian Railway, where delegates can have a truly special experience conducting business while onboard a moving train.

The unique meetings carriage, with an exclusive maximum capacity of 15 people, allows delegates to talk business while rolling through the dramatic Alpine scenery of the Graubünden region in eastern Switzerland. The carriage is designed with surround windows that enables panoramic views of the Swiss Alps.

The meetings space is flexible for different organisers needs; from a classic conference table set up, to a more casual layout with barstools and creative free space. Catering and moderators can also be provided at an additional price.

The Graubünden region has MICE DNA running through its veins. Davos, one of the world’s most famous MICE cities, is located in this Swiss canton. Most notably, Davos annually hosts the World Economic Forum. An event which brings together some of the world’s most influential people to discuss the pressing global economic issues of the moment.

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Hôtel Palafitte

Looking for a more stationery venue? Hôtel Palafitte should float your events boat.

To the far west of Switzerland, Hotel Palafitte sits atop of Lake Neuchâtel. Erected on stilts, this distinctive design enables the Hotel to unite and come part of its raw natural surroundings.

This innovative project was constructed in 2002 not just as a hotel venue, but as a ‘work of art’. Architect Kurt Hofmann led the project with the aim of connecting with the region’s ancient history. Hofmann’s design mirrors archaeologists’ discovery of old ruins on Lake Neuchâtel, where buildings were constructed atop stilts.

Using this historical architecture as inspiration, Hotel Palafitte was part of the Swiss national exhibition, which takes place every 25 years, where the state organises a national project that offers a snapshot into the Swiss culture, politics, economy and identity.

The venue has state-of-the-art function rooms, where it can host up to 50 people for banquets, 80 people for cocktail parties and 90 people in the theatre. Palafitte also gives organisers the ability to use its in-house technologies that enable hybrid events. This includes high quality sound and imaging systems, compatible with all video conferencing interfaces.

The meetings venue is also easily accessible, being just over one hours commute from Geneva Airport. This mix between technological facilities, easy accessibility and calming natural surroundings make Hôtel Palafitte a must consider for international event organisers.

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The Chedi Andermatt

To elevate your business events further, the Chedi Andermatt in the Swiss Alps offers an authentic Alpine and Asian fusion experience for business travellers. The Chedi sits 1,447 metres above sea level, enjoying exquisite views of Switzerland’s mountainous scenery.

The five-star hotel both offers intimate event spaces for small-scale corporate functions and extravagant conference and meetings rooms for larger gatherings. All are supplied with first class culinary options to keep delegates energised. The venue is also accessible, located only a 90 minutes’ drive from Zurich airport.

Business guests have the opportunity to go beyond the meetings room and explore the various activities made available by the Chedi. Guests are able to immerse themselves in golf, skiing, cycling, hiking, and spa treatments, all of which enable a connection with the surrounding Swiss Alps’ natural beauty.

The Chedi aims for this combination of relaxation and hotel meeting services to encourage creativity and productivity for MICE events.

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