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We welcome back our Berlin correspondent, Mark Felstead, who informs and entertains us again with Episode 1, Series 2 of Berlin’s Awakening Beauties.

Mark returns to the events ether fresh from his own summer challenges to open a brand new podcast series in conjunction with Conference & Meetings World.

Despite the ongoing Covid challenges, “the Berlin show will definitely go on!” says Mark as he returns with updated information and insight on the city’s event scene, as well as tips and advice on how to stay well and to keep connected.

First off, again, is an exclusive interview with Ivor Cummins (pictured), @fatemperor who shares his particular left field take on the Coronavirus pandemic, and the pair take a closer look at the science, data and statistics we are currently seeing and offer some key pieces of advice on how to keep a healthy and strong immune system.

Podcast listeners will hear all about lockdowns and their cost benefit  and also what traffic lights today really mean.

The conversation also centres on how more testing might automatically include more false positives and The Tiger Horn fable is sounded as the question is asked: ‘Who is still blowing the horn today?’

Equally important is the discussion on the simple environmental systems and interventions that can be implemented to reduce our risks of infections.

Mark also explores how we can strengthen our immune systems through a real food diet and our good friend vitamin D.

Disclaimer:  This interview was recorded in mid-October and some of the figures mentioned may have since changed. All views expressed are independent and do not necessarily express the views of Mash Media.

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