UK continues to lead European hotel occupancy

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UK continues to lead European hotel occupancy

The UK continues to lead Europe in hotel occupancy with four straight weeks above 60% in the metric, according to the latest data from hospitality research specialists  STR through 18 July. 

Thomas Emanuel, STR’s director, said: “Demand is almost exclusively leisure-driven as the UK has benefitted from a successful vaccination programme, a phased reopening and improved travel sentiment overall. Other countries are showing improvement in recent weeks for those very same reasons, but this is still far from a normal summer in Europe.”

The UK’s highest weekly occupancy level, 63.5%, came 12-18 July, but that was still significantly lower than the occupancy achieved during the comparable week from July 2019, 84.5%.

Also, during the week of 12-18 July, a handful of European countries showed continued week-over-week improvement in occupancy levels: Ireland (54.3%), Spain (53.7%), France (51.4%), Italy (51.1%), Poland (50.1%), Switzerland (44.0%), and the Netherlands (43.6%).

Further information regarding Europe hotel occupancy can be found here.

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