Welcome to Zürich, Switzerland

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Welcome to Zürich, Switzerland

On the way to sustainable events – a few simple steps!
Zurich is one of the most sustainable convention destinations in the world, ranking third in the Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDS) 2019, so how can your next event benefit from our expertise?

Start simple
As with all changes, you should bring things in one step at a time.
It is possible to increase the positive environmental and social impact of any gathering tangibly and these are just a few effective tips:

Destination and Travel
Tackling audience transport can have a great positive impact on events and it is one of the easiest areas to approach. Select a destination that is centrally located and easily accessible for most of the attendees, has an efficient public transportation network and walkable distances.
Zurich inherently fulfils all these criteria with its central location in Europe, automatically shortening participants’ flight routes.
But what about a group arrangement for a train arrival? Switzerland is surrounded by Germany, Austria, France and Italy, which makes group arrangements for a train arrival very easy and and potentially entitles you to reduced group tickets above all.

Accommodation and Venues
Many hotel chains and convention centers are committed to sustainability. But how do you find the right partner?
Asking the right questions is key to finding accommodation partners that meet your sustainability strategy.
To help you choose the best accommodation and venues, the Zurich Convention Bureau has published a list of trusted hotels and convention centers, who are certified for their commitment to sustainability (watch out for the green leaf on the website).

Try to make sure your accommodation and meeting venue are within walking distance. This is the best way to get into the heart of an urban city while producing zero emissions. With 430’000 inhabitants, Zurich is a metropolis on a small scale, which makes it easy to get around.
Did you know that 97% of the hotels in Zurich can be reached from the main convention and exhibition centers within half an hour by foot or using public transportation?

The Experience
What is it that your guests remember long after they have left an event? In Zurich, we believe it is all about unique, unexpected and meaningful moments.
What better way to network than with a glass of locally produced Sauvignon Blanc during a “taste the waste“ cooking class?
Or how about experiencing Zurich from a new perspective on a tour with socially disadvantaged and poverty-stricken people who show their Zurich? The choice is huge and these activities can be fun and meaningful to your participants.
We ask the organisers about their vision of a “better world“ and the topics that are in line with their companies. Is promoting young people or integration important to you? Fighting poverty or green initiatives? The SDG goals can provide orientation for the choice of topics and the Zurich Convention Bureau will connect you with suitable local organisations.

The right destination partner
Delegating tasks can free up time for your whole team. As your local partner, the Zurich Tourism Convention Bureau will accompany you from the initial bidding or pitch stage right through to the implementation of your congress, meeting, or event. In doing so, our experienced team takes into account values such as environmental friendliness, economic efficiency, and fair working conditions.
The team of the Zurich Convention Bureau has built up their network in important economical business clusters to connect you with inspiring local speakers or companies to visit, avoiding the need to fly in speakers from around the world.
Alternatively, we can support you with smart technologies to avoid flight emissions. In case you invite international speakers, Zurich is the perfect hub to discover Switzerland and perfect for them to extend their stay.

Every little thing counts when organising sustainable events. So whatever sustainability approach you choose, the Zurich Convention Bureau will be pleased to assist you throughout the process.
Get in touch with us to make your next event a lasting success!

Article by Vanessa Reis, Head of Zurich Convention Bureau, vanessa.reis@zuerich.com

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