Wonderful Copenhagen looks forward to ESTRO’s 2022 visit

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Wonderful Copenhagen looks forward to ESTRO’s 2022 visit

Wonderful Copenhagen, Copenhagen’s official tourism organisation, have stated that a two-stringed engagement project, a strong national host group, and an attractive host city were the three determining factors for The European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO), a European oncology society, choosing the city for its annual meeting in 2022 themed ‘Learning from every patient’.

Copenhagen’s engagement project is based on the topic ‘Improved cancer outcome through collaboration’ and will focus on two areas: Showcasing and translating Danish experiences and expertise to ESTRO members before, during, and after the congress via projects and events, as well as using the event as a catalyst to improve radiotherapy in Denmark and the rest of Europe.

On the decision to stage the next congress in Copenhagen and the expected outcome of ESTRO 2022, Alessandro Cortese, CEO of ESTRO’s Executive Council, commented: “When planning a congress, besides excellent scientific content, and networking opportunities for the attendees, ESTRO also looks at the event as a catalyser to create the conditions for all patients in need to access the best possible treatment. We share this objective with our partners in Denmark, as the ultimate beneficiaries of the achievements of the congress are the citizens of the city and the country that hosts ESTRO’s scientific community.”

ESTRO and the national radiotherapy research centre under the Danish Comprehensive Cancer Centre, DCCC Radiotherapy, have collaborated for many years. Hence, the DCCC Radiotherapy was a natural player in securing the congress to Copenhagen and in deciding its focus areas as well as its engagement and legacy elements.

On the question of knowledge sharing and creating both short and long-term impact through engagement activities, Jesper Grau Eriksen, Professor, PhD., and chief physician at the Department of Oncology at Aarhus University Hospital, explained: “Hosting ESTRO 2022 in Denmark is an important driver and occasion for increasing collaboration between Danish researchers and clinicians and the rest of the world. The Danes have a long-standing tradition for working together in both multidisciplinary groups and within radiotherapy alone in the national DCCC-RT collaboration. However, for really driving cancer care and treatment further, strong international collaboration and knowledge-sharing is crucial and ESTRO 2022 is an important platform for encouraging this.”

Bettina Reventlow-Mourier, deputy convention director at Wonderful Copenhagen CVB, said: “We look very much forward to welcoming ESTRO 2022 to Copenhagen next spring and to be part of an event that not only takes advantage of our great infrastructure, safe city efforts and great and state-of the-art venues, but also seeks to integrate its international audience with the local public, business and science communities.”

Reventlow-Mournier added: “It is our shared ambition, that ESTRO will showcase how it is possible to facilitate and further develop untapped potential in e.g., science areas through tactical impact activities, and to create and capture new value for all stakeholders involved in the short term, whilst also delivering positive impact for the community in the long term”.

Photo courtesy: Copenhagen Media Centre/Martin Heiberg

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