Would you prefer a digital congress? Or the view of the silhouette of Prague Castle at sunset?

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Would you prefer a digital congress? Or the view of the silhouette of Prague Castle at sunset?

The Prague Congress Centre gives you both at the same time.

How would you like to experience an international congress in a modern hybrid concept that combines digital technology and a breath taking view of the Prague Castle skyline? And how would you like to provide your clients with an event experience in the middle of a historic city in a space full of modern design and with perfectly preserved 1980s architecture? That’s exactly what the Prague Congress Centre, a unique congress space and iconic building in the centre of Prague with modern historical value, allows you to do.

The Czech Republic holds its place among the top congress destinations in the world not only thanks to its convenient location in the heart of Europe, but above all thanks to its rich history, culture and social life, which is appreciated by visitors from all over the world. And, of course, thanks to romantic Prague and its unique genius loci. The Time Out Index ranks Prague as the seventh best place to live in the world. We add that it is the absolute best city to visit and organise a congress.

The unique design of the 80´s has been preserved

The Prague Congress Centre opened in 1981 and immediately became one of the city’s landmarks. In recent years, it has undergone a challenging renovation to preserve the best of the neo-functionalist architecture of the 1980s, which is nowadays of great interest not only to design and art lovers. In addition to the sensitive renovation, the PCC has been enriched by state-of-the-art technologies that enable the organisation of modern hybrid conferences and congresses.

Congress in the design gallery overlooking the castle

Whether you’re hosting an event for a few VIP guests or a congress for 10,000 delegates, you have a choice of 70 halls and lounges and an airy foyer space with enchanting panoramic views of Prague Castle where your guests can relax and enjoy informal discussions over a coffee break. And, of course, admire the works of art that are ubiquitous here. In addition to the emphasis on pure interior design of the 1980s, guests will be most impressed by the artistically rendered light fixtures and huge glass objects by famous artists of the Czech glass school from the so-called Crystal Valley. The historical artistic value of these works is literally immeasurable and you have the opportunity to enjoy them during the entire day you spend at the congress.

The PCC is ready for literally any type of event, whether it is a NATO, IMF or EU Council summit, a lecture by the Dalai Lama, a closed-door conversation between Barak Obama and Václav Havel, or a concert by Jethro Tull or the Swan Lake ballet. Visitors have already experienced all of this at the PCC. And it’s up to you to decide what else your customers will be able to experience in the future.

Hitech and smart home in practice

The future of PPC is undoubtedly linked to the increased use of hybrid event concepts, digital technologies including the new virtual studio. But hi-tech alone is not the watchword of the future. That is clearly sustainability. And the so-called green congresses. “We embarked on the journey towards a sustainable and green PCC back in 2016, when we launched a project to completely modernise the entire energy management,” says Lenka Žlebková, who heads PCC as CEO. And it’s her who is tirelessly pushing for a new approach in the congress industry with a much greater emphasis on long-term sustainability. “Our approach can be likened to the modern smart home concept. We have invested in smart technology solutions in heating, ventilation or lighting. We have connected the individual parts so that they are constantly communicating with each other and we have full control over everything in a modern control centre,” explains Lenka Žlebková.

Simple, smart & green

“If you’re wondering how the green PCC concept works in practice, here’s a simple example for everyone. When operating a building of this size, a large amount of waste heat is generated that is not normally used. We have managed to use the warm air from our gastro operations to heat the fresh air drawn in from outside. We then blow the heated air indoors and save significantly on heating the conference rooms. Simply an elegant solution.” Lenka Žlebková, PCC CEO

Contact details:
Telephone: +420 261 172 222
Website: www.praguecc.com

Kongresové centrum Praha, a.s.
5. května 1640/65, Nusle
140 00 Prague 4, Czechia

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