ATPI places Halo over its sustainability strategy

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ATPI places Halo over its sustainability strategy

ATPI Group, the global travel management and events specialist, is adding a new ATPI Halo division to its portfolio. ATPI Halo, a carbon measurement, reduction and offset service, aligns with the organisation’s investment into sustainability, technology innovation, and future work forces.

ATPI Halo says it will aim to leverage its consultancy expertise to assist businesses make inroads towards the goals set out by governments worldwide to become net zero by 2050.

ATPI Halo’s new services will include an accredited carbon offsetting programme and its sustainability team has sourced 15 carbon credit projects in the core markets where the business operates, and where there is also a direct community benefit.

Ian Sinderson, CEO of ATPI Group, said: “We need to always be open to change, and to support our clients with the right tools to embrace future norms. There has never been such an intense period of disruption and with the establishment of ATPI Halo we are demonstrating to our clients that we are the right long-term partner to navigate these unpredictable times.”

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