Bizzabo become Agents of Hybrid

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Bizzabo become Agents of Hybrid

“When you cater to everyone, you cater to no one. That’s key to events as we navigate a hybrid environment,” said Dara Treseder, chief marketing and communications officer at Peloton, regarding digital event platform Bizzabo’s recent hybrid event.

On 13-14 July, Bizzabo, hosted its Agents of Hybrid event both virtually and in-person on in Boston, Massachusetts. The event brought together 5,000 marketing and event professionals in a global forum to explore best practices around creating unified in-person and virtual experiences. In partnership with Cramer, the live event featured hybrid event technology and offered an exclusive look at top industry leaders’ playbooks.

Emmy-award-winner Katie Linendoll hosted the two-day event, bringing the virtual audience along for exclusive behind-the-scenes tours of the venue, as well as demonstrations of Bizzabo’s onsite check-in technology. Virtual attendees were able to ‘roll’ and ‘float’ among the in-person guests with robots, speaking with fellow onsite attendees using mini drones. This all courtesy of technology from Technology One Group and Zeppi.

Industries are adapting. New technologies are emerging and 90% of event marketers believe providing an attendee experience that is personalised to their interests is important. 

“Change is always happening and advancements in technology have created evolutionary change in the event and entertainment industry, especially to survive the pandemic,” said Siobhan Thompson, enterprise marketing manager at Trinidad & Tobago Limited. 

Bizzabo has also announced a special follow-up event, “An Insider’s Guide to the Hybrid Event Experience,” on 4 August, which will feature a hands-on mini-masterclass in design thinking led by former head of innovation and creativity at Disney, Duncan Wardle. 

For more information about Bizzabo’s all-in-one event platform, visit here.

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