Covid-19 Recovery Task Force for Canadian sports tourism

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Covid-19 Recovery Task Force for Canadian sports tourism

To combat the way the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the sport tourism industry, the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance (CSTA) has formed a Covid-19 Recovery Task Force.

The task force is working on an action plan for the responsible, safe and effective reopening of the CA$6.8bn (US$4.8bn) sport tourism industry.

The task force will include representatives from stakeholders, including national/multi-sport organisations, destinations, facilities and suppliers to the industry. It will work towards creating and sharing guidelines and recommendations for the sport tourism industry in order to demonstrate that there is a clear plan to re-open the industry to all levels of government.

There is currently no timeline nor process in place for the return of the sport tourism industry in Canada.

CEO of CSTA, Rick Traer, said: “Sport tourism serves as a significant economic driver at the community level, particularly with small businesses that depend heavily on the traffic generated by sport events.The recovery of our industry will be directly related to our ability to provide a safe, secure and healthy environment at over 200,000 sport events that occur in communities across Canada annually.”

The objectives of the task force are:

  • To access the best and most relevant information, data and intelligence available on Covid-19 in Canada and globally specific to sport tourism and sport event hosting.
  • To provide ongoing assessment of the health of sport tourism and related sectors in Canada to determine what may be required to be event-ready once mass gatherings including sport events can occur.
  • To provide advice, support and guidance to all members of Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance and all sport tourism industry stakeholders that enables readiness when sport events can once again be hosted in their communities.
  • To develop policy positions and recommendations for and by the sport tourism segment to inform all levels of government.
  • To provide channels for the sport tourism segment to access relevant funding and programs from all levels of government.
  • To develop best practices that can be shared and adapted for application by host cities, rights holders and other sport tourism industry sectors.
  • To develop a sport tourism recovery strategy and actions that can be adopted by CSTA members and stakeholder groups in the sport tourism segment.
  • To conclude operations once sport tourism has advanced from the recovery phase to the resiliency phase.

Those in the Covid-19 Recovery Task Force are:

  • Carson Ackroyd, Tourism Calgary
  • Neal Alderson, Events Nova Scotia
  • Brent Barootes, The Partnership Group
  • Carey Calder, Aboriginal Sport Circle
  • Bruce Dewar, CEO, Lift Partners
  • Benoit Girardin, LBB Strategies
  • Joe Guest, Soccer Canada
  • Janet Guthrie, City of Leduc
  • Annie Henry, Tourism Winnipeg
  • Jessica Kotsopolous, Westin Harbour Castle
  • Wayne Long, City of Charlottetown
  • Kerry MacDonald, Volleyball Canada
  • Sheena McCrate, St. John’s Sports & Entertainment Ltd.
  • Dean McIntosh, Hockey Canada
  • Doug McLean, Edmonton Events
  • Andreanne Paquet, Tourisme Montreal
  • Brad Peters, Tourism Saskatoon
  • Scott Ring, USports
  • Jillian Somers, City of Moncton
  • Lisa Ward, Tourism Dawson Creek
  • Blair McIntosh, Chair, CSTA
  • Rick Traer, CEO, CSTA

Grant MacDonald, former President of the CSTA, will serve as Chair of the task force. The first meeting is scheduled for 19 May.

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