Cvent’s tips for 2017 tech

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Cvent’s tips for 2017 tech

Advances in technology have led to sweeping improvements in the events management field. Here David Chalmers, marketing director of Cvent, Europe, gives his views on which technology trends are likely to take hold in 2017 and beyond.

One of the biggest innovations in technology which is set to influence the exhibition industry this year and beyond is RFID Technology. RFID attendee tracking systems use the benefit of radio frequency identification technology to source valuable intelligence about attendees at events. 

RFID readers can be used to pinpoint the location and movement of attendees wearing badges which create a highly effective (and non-invasive) method of recording participant behaviour. Previously without such technology, organisers and suppliers would be second guessing information about attendees and potential business leads.  

By using RFID technology, organisers now have to hand valuable data, which can be then collated to create meaningful analysis and about attendee demographics and trends.

By having better insight into the movement and interest of attendees,suppliers can adopt a more informed approach to their business and marketing communications and gain a deeper understanding of potential new business leads. The benefits of RFID technology and other non -invasive tracking technologies are two-fold as a more targeted approach to attendee analysis which ultimately can be used to enhance and customise individual experience.

Another innovation which is also making big inroads is augmented reality. What started out as a futuristic phenomenon is set to become mainstream at exhibitions during 2017 and beyond. The technology vastly enhances productivity by facilitating networking amongst guests and tailoring streams of information. The enabling of location services using augmented  reality can also help guests find their way around the venue with markers placed on floor plans and maps that bring up event schedules and information on demand.   

Embracing this new wave of technology will not only mean that exhibitors have far greater new business intelligence but are also maximising the attendee experience.