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Deutsche Messe hits 70

2017 marks the 70th anniversary of Deutsche Messe AG. The company’s story began in 1947, with Germany’s first-ever Export Fair where, much to the delight of visitors, the legendarily tasty fish rolls were sold.

At the company’s founding on 16 August 1947, there was only a single item on the agenda: West Germany’s first ‘Export Fair’, which ran from 18 August to 7 September 1947.

“Hannover is a tradeshow city, through and through, and US President Obama’s involvement in Hannover Messe in April of 2016 provided impressive proof of this,” said chairman of Deutsche Messe’s Managing Board, Dr. Wolfram von Fritsch.

“When many people look back, they’ll think of the scarcity of hotel rooms that used to make it hard for fairgoers to find accommodations, and how Hanover’s population rose to the occasion by opening up their homes and offering private quarters in what is now a standard and highly appreciated option. Or the massive March snowstorm that suddenly hit Hanover at the outset of CeBIT ‘87, threatening to put a halt to the world’s biggest IT exhibition.

“In our anniversary year we are inviting people to use our Facebook page to share their memories and help us reminisce on Deutsche Messe’s long and rich tradition of exhibitions ‘made in Hanover’”.  

Starting the weekend before CeBIT 2017, everyone with a story to tell or a photo to share can post it on Deutsche Messe’s Facebook page at



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