#DigiDay18 uses the human factor to make digital heroes in Frankfurt

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#DigiDay18 uses the human factor to make digital heroes in Frankfurt

The German Convention Bureau (GCB)’s ‘Digital & Innovation Day’ in Frankfurt, 11 December, offered more than 100 participants a platform to network, inspire and be inspired by the digital transformation in the meetings industry.

Under the motto ‘How to be become a Digital Hero’, the GCB developed a Fitness Program 4.0 for #DigiDay18, enabling participants to put together their own agenda from the three strands ‘mindset’, ‘tool set’ and ‘skill set’.

In the mindset workshop, participants established key values that matter in the digital transformation, such as respect, trust, freedom, flexibility, openness, empathy and loyalty.

A skill set session illustrated the importance of collaboration with a simple ‘lego challenge’ that showed the dynamics of group learning. In his tool set workshop, innovation expert Dr Torsten Wingenter highlighted that tech know-how is not the be-all and end-all for event professionals. It’s the idea that counts: Event professionals should stick to their strength and emphasise the ‘human factor’ while getting tech expertise on board where needed along the customer journey.

The GCB sees #DigiDay not as a singular event but as a starting signal for the emergence of a community in which the participants network with each other, for example, in the context of ‘Digital Meet-Ups’.

Matthias Schultze, Managing Director of the GCB, said: “The participants can now use this platform to take their learnings back into their own communities to excite colleagues, employees, customers and partners for the opportunities of the digital transformation.”

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