Future Meeting Space network publishes innovation catalogue 4.0 

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Future Meeting Space network publishes innovation catalogue 4.0 

The Future Meeting Space innovation network has released its innovation catalogue 4.0, an overview of innovative technologies from AI to quantum computing.

Founded by the German Convention Bureau (GCB), the European Association of Event Centers (EVVC) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO, the Future Meeting Space innovation network provides a platform for event professionals while also focussing on analysis of current developments and trends.

The new catalogue 4.0 looks at Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), data analytics, robotic process automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, application programming interface, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, 5G and quantum computing.

For each technology, the catalogue contains a definition as well as the analysis of its capacities and potential, with examples of how these technologies can be applied in the world of conferences and meetings.

GCB managing director Matthias Schultze said: “Technological innovations that elevate attendee experiences to a new level and enhance reach are part and parcel of future meetings. At the same time, human beings and their desire for personal interaction continue to be at the heart of events. Creating this blend of emotion and innovation is what everyone involved in the events world should strive to achieve.”

Developed as part of the Future Meeting Space project’s third research phase, a range of sources were used for the innovation catalogue. The Fraunhofer IAO research team analysed data from its own research and development in addition to working with with trend scouts.

Dr Stefan Rief, institute director and head of organisational development and work design research unit at Fraunhofer IAO, said: “The development of sustainable formats that work in practice require the systematic analysis of new technological approaches and their potential. The innovation catalogue 4.0 shows the wide range of options which could be available in future and thus furnishes event professionals with concrete tools to create their own offers in a creative and innovative way.“

To download a booklet containing the highlights of the innovation catalogue 4.0, click here.

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