Globes spin out major business conference at ICC Jerusalem

Globes spin out major business conference at ICC Jerusalem

The International Convention Centre (ICC) Jerusalem hosted one of the country’s most prestigious business event – the Israel Business Conference (IBC) of Globes, which took place from 10-11 January 2018.

For two decades, Globes, Israel’s business newspaper, has been hosting the Israel Business Conference (IBC)

For this year’s event, thousands of business people, government officials, economists and delegations from Israel and abroad attended the conference. During the two-day conference, a group of speakers spoke on topics, including: robotics; new aviation technology; fake news; and US president, Donald Trump.

There was a video conference about bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, hosted by founder and CEO of Roger Ver.

Speakers included Paul Misener, vice-president of global innovation policy and communications at Amazon; Robyn Curnow, anchor and host of CNN; and Richard Wolffe, best-selling author and journalist.

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