HBAA launches support for agencies

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HBAA launches support for agencies

The UK’s HBAA has been working with industry groups to urge for more widespread support for the events industry.

HBAA will support the events industry by providing bite size guides and webinars. These will discuss topics such as ‘How to Apply for Financial Support from Government funds’ and ‘How to Review and Improve your Cashflow’.

It will also launch a mental health webinar on 25 March, in recognition of the impact and uncertainty created by the coronavirus on businesses and staff. Further information will be announced soon.

Lex Butler, chair, HBAA said: “We’re fighting for the many agencies whose businesses have recently been obliterated to be included as the Government plans the distribution of financial support for the leisure and hospitality sector.

“We’re also going to be announcing a series of highly practical initiatives to provide straightforward assistance for all our members to help them through the cash flow nightmare and the mental health pressures that they are all facing.”

Butler added that HBAA needs clarification that all businesses involved in the events industry, including agencies, are classified as being involved in ‘leisure and hospitality.’

She continued: “The agency sector is seeking assurances that they are recognised under this umbrella term, along with all the relevant suppliers to the events industry.”

Butler concluded: “Our industry needs to have access immediately to funds for survival and to secure future business when we enter the recovery phase. An industry wide plan needs be implemented for sick pay, freelancers and zero hours contractors.

“Support is very much needed here so we expect this to be covered in the next announcement.”

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