How Instagram has changed the way we travel

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How Instagram has changed the way we travel

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts has put together a survey looking at how social media has impacted travel, on the tenth anniversary of Instagram.

The survey found that 39% of global luxury travellers are aiming to put more focus on social media when travelling in the coming year. In addition, 55% believe capturing social media content while travelling increases their ability to have a meaningful experience.

It also showcased the most Instagrammed sights of 2019. These were, in order of most viewed: the Eiffel Tower, Shanghai’s The Bund, the Burj Khalifa, the Sydney Opera House, Mexico’s Pyramid de Teotihuacan, Buckingham Palace and New York’s Central Park.

Social media analysis reveals that the Eiffel Tower in Paris is the most over-exposed tourist site in the world, representing 10% of all posts worldwide, with Buckingham Palace the most-tagged site in London (21%) and Central Park the most-tagged in New York City (20%).

The Intercontinental ICons campaign is aiming to highlight some of the lesser-known but still iconic sites in cities around the world.

It is bringing together a collection of bloggers, photographers, editors, artists, entrepreneurs and more to pick the Intercontinental ICons.

You can vote at this link.

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