ICCA and AC Forum announce new annual healthcare event partnership

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ICCA and AC Forum announce new annual healthcare event partnership

International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) and Association and Conference Forum (AC Forum) have announced a three-year partnership which aims to create an annual event on the future of healthcare meetings, starting in spring 2021.

The three-day programme will be aimed at C-level, senior management participants of both associations and ICCA member suppliers. The event aims to create a platform where “high level discussions and knowledge sharing” will “provide new solutions and strategies in running effective and more sustainable global healthcare meetings in future”. The event programme also aims to create a unique environment for networking and knowledge sharing.

The content of the programme will be co-created by AC Forum and ICCA and will cover topics including:

•    Leadership
•    Growth of associations
•    Compliance
•    Legacies of medical meetings and alignment to the UN SDGs
•    Future studies/surveys
•    Economic and socio impact of healthcare meetings
•    Technology for healthcare meetings
•    Audience of the future – what does data show and how do we respond?
•    Trends in sponsorship support

ICCA CEO, Senthil Gopinath, said: “As we grow our Association Community, we are always looking to offer peer-to-peer networking and knowledge sharing opportunities in a trusted environment. We are very much looking forward to join forces with AC Forum on offering a truly unique event for associations and suppliers. By working together, we believe associations and suppliers can be more effective in partnering up to reach the best outcomes of international healthcare meetings.”

AC Forum President, Tracy Bury, added: “AC Forum is keen to enhance its educational opportunities for its members who come from European and International associations, 90% of whom are based in the health sector. To deliver successful events, that focus on the mission driven objectives of associations, requires partnerships and the collaborative advantage that comes from working with suppliers who know how they can contribute and bring benefits to delivering impactful international healthcare meetings. The lessons from these learning opportunities will be just as relevant to our members from other sectors. We are looking forward to working with ICCA to advance knowledge through this collaborative learning experience.”

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