InterContinental Paris Le Grand enters the RendezVerse

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InterContinental Paris Le Grand enters the RendezVerse

The French-based  InterContinental Paris Le Grand is set to enter into a partnership with the RendezVerse, a metaverse company focusing on the hotel and events industry.

InterContinental Paris Le Grand says its teams will work with the technical team at RendezVerse to bring to life the vision of the metaverse.

RendezVerse is expecting to leverage Web 3.0 technologies to transform how the hotel and events industry will operate, with a mission to build the tools and services that will allow enterprises to meet and promote their products in the metaverse.

RendezVerse MetaTools is currently developing three virtual experiences:

  1. NGAGE Xplore allows event planners and organisers to explore potential event venues without the need of an initial site inspection
  2. NGAGE Podium will bring conference content and networking to anyone in the world
  3. NGAGE Suite is a virtual, secure and customisable location for people in the hospitality sector to interact.

The RendezVerse development project hopes to engage with industry leaders across the sector to bring their vision of a corporate metaverse to life.

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