JCI European Conference expects more than 2,000 participants in Bruges

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JCI European Conference expects more than 2,000 participants in Bruges

The two Flemish Junior Chamber International (JCI) organisations, in Bruges and Houtland, are set to organise the JCI European Conference, 8-11 June 2022, in the city of Bruges, Belgium. The event will take place at the Concertgebouw Brugge and the new Bruges Meetings and Convention Centre (BMCC), where more than 2,000 participants from across Europe are expected to attend.

The conference’s theme is ‘Food for Generations’, where delegates will tackle global food problems and focus on the gastronomic delicacies of Belgium.

During the week there will be workshops, trainings and company visits, in combination with various evening social events.

Jonas Maes, COC director of the JCI European Conference Bruges 2022, said: “This conference will be the climax of more than two years of preparatory work by our hard-working JCI members. We are happy that we can bring – in close co-operation with the City of Bruges – a European key event to the most beautiful city of Europe.”

Maes added: “This will be also one of the first big conferences in 2022, that will take place in the Concertgebouw and the BMCC. So, it will be a beautiful opportunity to attract future initiatives and accentuate the perfect mix between the two venues.”

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