Lviv crystalising its congress present and future

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Lviv crystalising its congress present and future

The Lviv Convention Bureau (LCB) has made a series of announcements regarding events that have taken, and will take, place within the western Ukrainian city.

Firstly, LCB announced in 2025 more than 700 scientists from different countries will come to Lviv for the International Crystallographic Congress.

Secondly, Lviv, 22-24 August, welcomed international experts from Wilhelm Bernahard’s scientific seminar for meetings and open lectures in preparation for their 2022 international conference, 27th Wilhelm Bernhard Workshop, which will be held in the city for the first time.

Thirdly, Lviv hosted, 24-28 August, the 10th anniversary International Folklore Festival ‘Etnovyr’. President of the International Council of Folklore Festivals and Traditional Arts (CIOFF), Philip Bosan also visited the city to explore its potential for hosting the CIOFF International Congress in 2022, and the LCB is hopeful about the city’s chances. CIOFF Ukraine, led by national delegate Andriy Sydor and the team of the LCB, had submitted a joint application for holding the CIOFF 2022 World Congress, which annually gathers about 200 delegates and international experts from 60 member countries.

The application period for the title of Lviv Honorary Ambassadors for 2021-2023, meanwhile, is open until 15 October, with candidates able to be nominated by education institutions, public organisations, local governments and tourism entities.

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