Meetings are decreasing in length, says ECM report

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Meetings are decreasing in length, says ECM report

European Cities Marketing, an organisation which provides a platform for convention, leisure and city marketing professionals to exchange knowledge, has published its ECM Meetings Statistics Report.

The report is a result of the cooperation between European Cities Marketing and its member cities. Its statistics are drawn from a sample of 41 cities and the database consists of more than 260,000 recorded meetings.

It aims to help meeting industry professionals anticipate future trends in meeting activity. It intends to achieve this by presenting figures on corporate and non-corporate meetings, whether they are national or international events.

Statistically, the report shows that European cities have hosted more meetings in 2018, but with less participants and a shorter duration.

This is shown by a growth of 2.9% in the number of meetings between 2017 and 2018. Whereas, the number of participants decreases by 3%.

Overall this year, smaller corporate meetings are increasing and unusual venues, such as museums, are becoming more popular.

Petra Stusek, marketing president of European Cities, said: “In the bigger picture, international meetings and events have become instrumental for destinations – cities and nations – to manifest their business clusters, their science and research communities and their cultural scene for global audiences.

“Meetings do give much more to our cities and the greatest value arising from meetings is not only numbers but also the benefits beyond simply spending-based impacts: the quality of the professional, business, academic outcomes they deliver. It is no longer just about the hotel bed nights that the meetings generate. It is about hosting the meetings with purpose and legacy. It is about connecting the destination to the world.”

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