Noodle Live launches first NFC-enabled app

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Noodle Live launches first NFC-enabled app

Noodle Live has launched the first NFC-enabled event app for all smartphones.

Android phones have offered NFC capability for a while, and following Apple’s announcement that NFC capability on the iPhone (currently used primarily for Apple Pay) was being opened up to third-party app developers in the iOS 11 update, the team at Noodle Live have been working on integrating this new functionality into their event apps for both iPhone and Android.

With an NFC enabled mobile app, attendees can check into an event or individual sessions, swap contact details or collect content by simply tapping their phone at a smart poster containing a small NFC sticker. This will replace the current practice of scanning a name badge using a QR code or RFID chip to achieve the same means. Best of all, it dramatically reduces the cost to event planners.NFC

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