Oscars facing crisis of viewership, claims Wochit

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Oscars facing crisis of viewership, claims Wochit

Dror Ginzberg, co-founder & CEO of video creation platform Wochit believes that falling views for the Oscars offer an opportunity for mobile video providers.

“The Oscars, like many special TV events in the calendar, has suffered from falling TV viewership figures in past years,” Ginzberg said. “Last year, just 32m people in the US tuned in, the smallest audience for the Academy since 2008,” he added.

“This isn’t just an issue faced in the US either. The BAFTAs can compare to the Oscars in terms of glitz and glamour, yet this year the awards barely reached an audience of 4m, a decline of over 500,000 in just two years, Ginzberg continues.

“Especially for entertainment content, people are much less likely to watch long-form programming like the Oscars. Instead, driven largely by the massive increase in mobile video viewership, people love short form, ‘snackable’ content that recaps events like the Oscars. This is because they are easily digestible, and often highly shareable online,” he noted.

As video consumption and the share of overall online audience continues to multiply, organisations will be under increasing pressure to make video a standard part of their strategy for all owned content practices.

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