Paris tourism barometer suggests European air traffic could drop 48% in 2020

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Paris tourism barometer suggests European air traffic could drop 48% in 2020

The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau has the first results from its new tourism barometer survey, designed to provide a monthly overview of tourism trends in the city. The initial figures show, unsurprisingly some alarming recent statistics, however there are signs of a weak recovery in interest, particularly from Chinese visitors.

Five indicators have been selected to provide a real-time snapshot of the capital’s attractiveness, including both data on air traffic and the media impact of Paris around the globe.

The barometer also ranks the top ten foreign markets searching for flights to the destination and provides an update on reservations.

The May monthly focus explores the prospects for recovery from the perspective of some of Paris’s tourism ‘actors’.

“At this time of crisis, more than ever, it is our priority to measure and monitor tourist behavioural trends. We must continuously build momentum, and ensure we are able to constantly adapt and reinvent ourselves. This is why, with our partner Mastercard, we wanted to produce this monthly barometer to gain a detailed understanding of what our visitors expect and to provide tourism actors with an effective management tool,” said Corinne Menegaux, Managing Director of the Paris CVB.

Julien Fierobe, Vice-President Enterprise Development, Mastercard, said his company was “delighted to give practical effect” to the commitment to supporting tourism actors, alongside the Paris CVB. The barometer, he said, would provide a better understanding of the behaviour and expectations of visitors to Paris.

“Our tourism analysis solutions, combined with our global expertise and innovative technologies, are helping to boost the growth of sustainable tourism,” he added. “We have adapted them to the current situation by adding indicators that will allow us to closely monitor the recovery.”

The barometer figures for May 2020 obviously reflect the major difficulties experienced by the tourism sector, and reveal preliminary forecasts for the current year, with an estimated reduction in international tourism flows ranging from 20% to 30% (source: WTO) and a reduction in passenger numbers ranging from 35% to 48% in 2020 for European air passenger traffic.

Nevertheless, although the borders are still closed to tourists and visibility remains low, there are some promising, albeit weak, signals. There was an uptick in flight searches compared with April, up 4.9% from 1 to 20 May, led by China (+62%), and then Russia (+39%), Germany (+35.6%) and Italy (+26%).

Other positive signs include a 27.6% increase (compared with April 2020) in the number of visitors to the website, and a 66% drop (compared with April 2020) in interest on social media in the impact of the epidemic on the health situation in Paris.


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