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Peter Greste to deliver keynote at Evolve 2019 Down Under

Australasia News
Peter Greste to deliver keynote at Evolve 2019 Down Under

Australian journalist Peter Greste, who was imprisoned in Egypt, will deliver a keynote presentation at Meetings & Events Australia’s (MEA) annual conference, Evolve 2019, on the lessons he learnt on survival during his time in gaol.

Greste spent two decades reporting from the front line in some of the world’s most dangerous countries before making headlines himself following his own incarceration in an Egyptian prison.

Charged with threatening national security and kept in solitary confinement and detention for 400 days, Greste became a victim and symbol of the new global war on journalism.

Greste will talk about how the power of maintaining a solid focus and having a clear sense of mission and purpose helped him build resilience during his time in prison.

He admits to not being a fan of twitter but acknowledges that the influence and impact of social media helped in his release through one of the world’s biggest social media campaigns #freeAJstaff that rallied international pressure for his release.

Delegates at Evolve will be able to ponder their own sense of focus and purpose and how everyone and every business needs to be resilient, with Greste’s presentation providing:

  • The importance of applying meaning and purpose in challenging situations
  • The ability to plan and execute effective solutions
  • The importance of communication and collaboration to achieve successful outcomes

Following Greste’s presentation, there will be a conversation with two industry leaders, Roslyn McLeod, Founder and Chair, Arinex and Keith Wootton, Managing Director AV1, to discuss their experience in building organisations, managing multiple operations and their tips on staying focused and overcoming challenges and setbacks.

Evolve 2019, to be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from 31 March to 2 April and is the Australian event industry’s largest conference.

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