Québec City to welcome in-person Agro-Geoinformatics conference in 2022

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Québec City to welcome in-person Agro-Geoinformatics conference in 2022

Québec City will host the 10th International Conference on Agro-Geoinformatics, organised in conjunction with the 43rd Symposium of the Canadian Remote Sensing Society. This is a first for Canada, as previous editions of Agro-Geoinformatics have been held in China, Turkey, or the United States. 

More than 300 experts, engineers, students, and decision-makers interested in remote sensing and geomatics for sustainable agriculture and development will gather at the Québec City Convention Centre, 12-14 July 2022. 

The conference bid was won thanks to the efforts of Saeid Homayoui, associate professor, and Monique Bernier, honorary professor, at the local National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS), Center for Water, Land and the Environment (ETE). 

Homayoui said: “Given the crucial role and impact of Canadian and Québec researchers in the agri-environmental uses of remote sensing and geomatics, we have decided to propose the joint organisation of the 10th International Conference on Agro-Geoinformatics and the 43rd Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing in Québec City. 

Bernier added: “This international event will also be an excellent opportunity for regional and national professionals in agronomy, geomatics, and remote sensing to meet with scientists and see the latest research and technologies to promote sustainable agriculture and ecosystems.” 

Pierre-Michel Bouchard, president and CEO of the Québec City Convention Centre, concluded: “Hosting an international scientific conference in Québec City is very positive for the economy, for the reputation of our key industries, for the expertise of our scientific community, and all sectors of the tourism industry.” 

Homayoui and Bernier will promote the conference during the 9th International Conference, which will take place virtually from Shenzhen, China, 26-29 July 2021.

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