RendezVerse joins the Metaverse Standards Forum

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RendezVerse joins the Metaverse Standards Forum

RendezVerse, a metaverse platform for the hotel and hospitality sectors, has joined the Metaverse Standards Forum – which supports the development of metaverse interoperability standards.

Meetings for the Metaverse Standards Forum begin this month, which aims to standardise access to proven technologies in the metaverse stack and remove market friction. The goal behind this is to make the metaverse accessible for all users.

According to RendezVerse, the forum’s interoperability aligns with the platform’s functionality of booking and visiting hotels in immersive VR, through the creation of digital twins.

In the forum, RendezVerse will provide input on requirements to help steer metaverse standardisation activities alongside Microsoft, Adobe, Sony, and Apple.

Peter Gould, RendezVerse CEO, said: “Better interoperability will ensure the metaverse becomes the next iteration of the World Wide Web, allowing for better connections and the freedom to explore multiple metaverses via virtual reality.”

Participation in the forum follows RendezVerse’s recent appointment of metaverse specialist Michael Cohen as the business’ US Strategic Advisor. He commented: “our aim is to make the adoption of Web3 technologies as easy as possible for the hospitality industry.”

“Organisations such as the Metaverse Standards Forum will be integral to building trust and accessibility, unlocking the huge potential the metaverse holds.”

RendezVerse’s current hoteliers include Atlantis Palm Dubai, Madrid Marriot Auditorium, and Intercontinental Paris le Grand, which are developing virtual site visits through the Web3 platform.

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