RendezVerse launches into the metaverse at m&i Europe

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RendezVerse launches into the metaverse at m&i Europe

Metaverse platform for the events and hotel sector, RendezVerse has launched at the m&i Europe Spring forum in Seville, Spain, showcasing its platform with over 300 demo trips while launching its initial product, the RV360.

Founded in October 2021, RendezVerse comes from the team behind Worldwide Events and m&i. The event launch marks the first time RendezVerse will be shared with a public audience.

RV360 is a next generation virtual site inspection app for hotels, event spaces and their clients. It aims to leverage existing 360-degree VR technology, allowing the interaction of avatars in photorealistic environments for hotels and event planners.

Using a VR headset or the RV360 mobile app and headset, the meeting participants can interact in the metaverse. The programme promises to save time, money and carbon footprint for event organisers and participants.

RendezVerse is undergoing development projects to improve its corporate metaverse with global hotels, including InterContinental Paris le Grand, Atlantis Palm Dubai and Madrid Marriott Auditorium. By the end of 2023, RendezVerse says it will host over 1,000 hotels and several thousand buyers across both the leisure and MICE industries.

Peter Gould, CEO of RendezVerse, commented: “The business benefits of the metaverse, in both planning and executing corporate events, are multiple. RendezVerse will allow for remote site visits, saving money, time, and CO2, and even offers the opportunity of hosting events in the metaverse too. Once hotels enter the metaverse, they’re not going to look back.”

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