Tevent launches ‘affordable’ event technology platform

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Tevent launches ‘affordable’ event technology platform

A UK-based event technology startup, Tevent has launched an event management platform, which it says is “10 times more affordable than industry giants Hopin and Runtheworld”.

Tevent aims to provide an affordable virtual event experience that allows anyone to host gatherings on its platform. The company is offering a free plan for a one-hour online event with up to 100 attendees and is targetting small webinars, internal meetings, meetups, and personal events.

Ahmed Amer, co-founder and CEO, stated: “We aim to equip SMEs with the tools for creating virtual events that build a sociable, sustainable, and connected future.

“Tevent will always offer a free option for smaller groups. Users can expect our paid tiers to be significantly cheaper than competitive offerings,” Amer added.

The event technology platform aims for organisers to build a community that connects people like social media. It offers an integrated social media-style networking where you can schedule meetings, add contacts, create group chats and send GIFs.

The UK-based start-up launched its early access public beta product in late August 2021 and started marketing it in November 2021. Tevent has recently raised £1.5m (US$1.9m) seed capital throughout its series of seed funding rounds to support its product development. The company says it secured significant financial backing from Silicon Valley investors.

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