The AXICA/CMW Podcast, Episode 3: Berlin’s Sleeping Beauties

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The AXICA/CMW Podcast, Episode 3: Berlin’s Sleeping Beauties

Our roving Berlin Prince Charming, Mark Felstead moves out his AXICA comfort zone to deliver an exclusive interview for CMW with Ivor Cummins, a leading bio chemical engineer and globally respected thought leader on Covid-19. He is also author of Eat Rich Live Long.

This podcast is essential listening, especially for those over 40 and, in the course of the talk, Ivor Cummins reveals to Mark the most powerful thing you can do (right now) to reduce your chances of a severe coronavirus outcome or even death! Listeners will find out it’s a lot simpler than they may think. 

There is also discussion around insulin resistance and the best way to reduce the risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes and its many associated illnesses, including arteriosclerosis and CVD (Cardio Vascular Disease).

Mark also relates how he found Ivor, what he learnt from his book and shares his own emotional journey of the last 18 months – and how he could have possibly avoided some of the severe bumps in that road. (He survived two ‘Widow Maker’ heart attacks).

Do keep listening to the end as Ivor will tell you how to get one of his ‘Must see’ films for free!



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