The power of data

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The power of data

International Confex’s Let’s Do London Theatre’s final session, 2 September, was a discussion on ‘The Power of Data’. The panel analysed how data will play a role in helping event venues and bookings build for the future.

Speakers included Lily Lubowitz, group sales manager at CH&CO Venues; Peter Heath, owner and founder of Venue Performance; Luis Desouza, CEO of NFS Technology Group; Leigh Cowlishaw, managing partner and former chair of Black Box Partnership, HBAA; and Jamie Blackmore, managing director at Revenage.

Lubowitz highlighted how the pandemic had forced businesses “to use data, because there was no other experience on which to base strategies”. Desouza stated that there was now an “urgent need to be informed”, which data is crucial to. There was, he said, a need to collect data after a shortage of traditional databases owing to the pandemic.

Blackmore added that data must be used to have “a better understanding of demand” and Lubowitz concluded that post-event data is the key to understanding “satisfaction with the venue”, which allows prices to be adjusted justifiably.

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