Berlin’s Sleeping Beauties start re-awakening!

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Berlin’s Sleeping Beauties start re-awakening!

In the second of AXICA’s Mark Felstead’s Berlin podcasts – powered jointly by Mash Media – Mark talks about ‘Re-Boarding’ – that is getting people back to work after lockdown.

In his unique Prince Charming style, Mark asks what it means for Berlin to slowly be waking up to the New Normal. He also asks why re-boarding is now so relevant in this fast-moving situation, and also whether the managers are ready to deal with the challenges involved in our hospitality and MICE sector. And who is managing the managers?

Mark goes on to discuss re-creating that all important ‘We’ feeling with Patrick Havenstein from leading teambuilding company Teamgeist, who joins the conversation to explore how to bring back that loving feeling of Team Spirit. 

The return to our teams after isolation in lockdown and working in our home offices is a transition to think about carefully.

As the Bundesliga players run out for their second season debuts in May, there is clearly also a rebuilding job to be done in terms of teams in our business.

If the UK and the US are still in the changing rooms (to continue the metaphor), with lockdown starting later, then Berlin is a few weeks ahead, and Mark points out that Berliners have seen beer gardens and cafés slowly start to open in the city. 

Other businesses will start to re-open, too, but many challenges remain, particularly, our podcast players note, that of getting employees and managers both back into work and back into the mindset of working as part of a team again.

Patrick picks up the ball and runs us through the kind of soft skills necessary now for managers operating in these times of New Normality. He also has some suggestions for teambuilding events that can be held completely remotely but which, nevertheless, can still bring people together and further that re-bonding process.


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