Vectorly gives Hopin technology boost

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Vectorly gives Hopin technology boost

Event technology platform Hopin has acquired talent and selected assets from Vectorly, an AI-based video enhancement technology that aims to improve audio-visual experiences.

Sam Bhattacharyya, CEO at Vectorly, said: “Hopin has been an enthusiastic Vectorly customer and is currently using its Software Development Kit (SDK) in a number of products. As we continued to work closely with the Hopin team, combining forces became a natural, impactful next step –– and one that will help us continue to innovate video communication experiences for Hopin customers and attendees around the world.”

Vectorly intends to use machine learning technology to create stronger connectivity that avoids frozen images during events. In addition, Vectorly technology will be integrated throughout Hopin’s multi-product portfolio, to deliver other features, such as video super resolution and virtual backgrounds.

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