Austria Center Vienna enters new stage of renovation project

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Austria Center Vienna enters new stage of renovation project

Austria Center Vienna has moved onto the next stage of its modernisation project, having finished work on the danubeSAIL and the Panorama Walk. The entrance building is also nearing completion, management reports. The centre is now looking towards the renovation of its centerpiece, the entrance hall, and halls E and F, as well as new lounge areas.

Susanne Baumann-Söllner, managing director and management board spokeswoman, said: “Modernisation of the interior spaces is crucial for future congresses. And here, we are putting a special focus on our entrance hall. This is the most frequently rented part of the building as it is not only suitable as a reception and participant registration zone, but also as a central exhibition and networking space.”

The directly adjacent halls E and F, and the lounge areas on level 1 are also being updated, as Michael Rotter, managing director building and facility management, explained: “The challenges lie in bringing the architecture of the 1980s into line with the needs of a contemporary conference building. This involves linking various aspects such as air conditioning, energy-efficient LED lighting and flexible room solutions.”

The Austria Center Vienna’s €25.1m (US$29m) renovation project has been in progress since summer 2021. Completion is scheduled for the end of 2022, with some of the spaces set to be ready in time for the European Congress of Radiology in spring 2022.

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